Moss Agate Amulet

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This Gumnut Moss Agate Talisman is perfect for those with an affinity to the earth and Mother Nature. The twig and gumnuts have been locally hand foraged, then transformed through casting to solid recycled 925 sterling silver. We next have worked the solid silver flora into wearable natural art with this breathtaking Moss Agate.

This handmade treasure can never be recreated as the twigs and gumnuts are the only ones of their kind, all being completely unique.

Handmade by us Witch and Shaman, on the Central Coast of Australia. Each design is crafted ethically with love and set with an intention best suited to the individual piece.

Moss Agate -

The stone of new beginnings.

It is perfect for those learning to see the beauty in life, and for those who struggle with jealousy, promoting instead communication and self-expression. It assists the wearer to develop strength and the ability to get along with others.

As it is connected with the heart chakra, this stone holds a soothing, grounding and healing energy - releasing stress and building hope and trust in ourselves, those around us and in the universe to guide us. Helping us to hear our own needs more clearly and learn not to pour from an empty cup.

It is said to help speed the recovery of illnesses, and treat depression through healing and rebalancing the brain. It allows us to more easily cope with the ups and downs of polarity and hold a inner stability. Increases concentration and persistence it is brilliant during times of stress and when feeling ungrounded.

Useful in manifesting and business, it increases prosperity and abundance. Said to be particularly useful in small business, when self employed or while doing taxes.

This majestic stone opens the channels to the elemental and devic realm and allows for a deeper connection to nature. It also offers protection and grounding from the Earth Mother.

Properties -
- Alignment
- Cleansing and Purification
- Manifestation
- Emotional Growth
- Spiritual Growth
- Creation
- Strength
- Raised Awareness
- Safe Travel
- Connection to Nature
- Nurturing
- Renewal
- Prosperity
- Success
- Abundance
- Creativity
- Confidence
- Courage
- Patience and Inner Calm
- Self Love

Chakra - Heart
Element - Earth
Gods - Aurora, Gaia, Raphael, Nyx

Moh’s hardness scale 6.5 - 7