Labradorite Twig Pendant

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Botanical Rainbow Labradorite Magic. 

A never to be recreated piece adorned with gumnut and twig detailing. These botanic elemental have been hand foraged, then transformed through casting into solid recycled 925 sterling silver from Native Australian Gumtrees. We next shape and forge it into a piece of wearable magic. This design has been set with a mystical piece of Labradorite that has flashes of pink, gold, and blue. 

Handmade by us The Witch and The Shaman, on the East Coast of Australia. Each design we create is crafted with love and set with an intention best suited to the individual piece.


Labradorite -

The Magicians Stone or The Stone of Freewill.

Labradorite is the stone of the witch, the wizard, the mystic, the Shaman. This divine crystal is perfect for those on the path of the healer or just those with a foot in both worlds. Enhancing abilities of intuitive insight, psychic abilities, telepathy, prophecy, communication with guides, spirits, extraterrestrials, ascended masters, past life recall, and accessing the Akashic records. 

For those starting down the spiritual path this stone often draws them in, as it awakens latent abilities and begins the transformation process into connecting with your higher self.

Known for bringing the positivity out in people who suffer from depression, anger or anxiety. Acts by helping the wearer to control their energy output by behaving less impulsively or emotionally and instead with more wisdom, compassion and thought. Also calms the racing mind, dissolving illusions and bringing clarity, being useful in introspection and self development and finding the root of issues.

Helps one speak with truth and communicate how we are really feeling. It also helps us communicate internally, to find what brings us joy, makes our creativity flow, to see our beliefs, emotions and understand or establish are philosophies and morals. 

A true protector, it’s energies are a barrier over the aura bringing strength from within, and shielding the wearer from negativity.  It can be used both to protect from humans and while doing any form of spiritual or altered consciousness work. It also prevents energy leakage when in use and prevents others from draining your energy. 


Properties -

- Enhanced intuition

- Protection 

- Dreamwork 

- Extraterrestrial communication 

- Inter dimensional traveling 

- Past Life visions

- Telepathy 

- Enhanced Psychic Abilities

- Truth telling/seeing

- Independence 

- Self discovery 

- Freewill

- Purification 

- Communication 


Chakras - Third Eye and Throat

Element - Water

Gods and Beings - Thoth, Kuthumi, St Germaine, Melchizedek, Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians

Moh’s hardness scale 6 - 6.5