Hammered Chrysocolla Talisman

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Crafted using sustainably sourced recycled 925 sterling silver that has been hand hammered by us, then forged into this final piece and set with a magical chrysocolla.

This item has been designed and handmade by us Witch and Shaman, on the Central Coast of Australia. Each design we create is crafted with love and set with an intention best suited to the individual piece.

Chrysocolla -

The stone of communication.

𓋹Both polarities of communication are worked on through this incredible stone. It has energies that are perfect to bring calm and peace to the wearer, while also bringing out self expression and truth. Builds compassion and understanding, and wards off negative energies.

𓋹A teachers stone, allowing the wearer to think deeper and with inner wisdom. Chrysocolla energies also enhance expression and bring empowerment in a soothing way. Connected deeply with the feminine it’s a wise women’s stone, being ideal when you need to express yourself in a loving and truthful way.

𓋹This stone is perfect for the musician, known for to have the ability to enhance development when learning new musical instruments, or training in other forms of sound as chanting, singing or public speaking.

𓋹While at the same time, chrysocolla has a habit for making people wish to stay at home. Those who find it hard to settle in one place, or are unable to find a sense of home can benefit from this energy. Known as a stone of monks, prisoners and the hermits, it is also known to alleviate feelings of depression and anxiety that can come from living in seclusion.

𓋹Another interesting aspect of this beautiful stone is its ability of reverse negative energies. Useful if somebody is ill wishing you, speaking poorly of you or sending negativity, as they will feel the impact of that energy instead of you.

𓋹The ancient Egyptians called this it the wise stone or wise stone of conciliation, and it was believed to have the abilities to bring about intelligent solutions, comprise and compassion especially when used in negotiations.

𓋹Native Americans used this stone for calmness in times of chaos and turmoil, and believed it to be beneficial in raising resistance.

𓋹Properties -
Feminine Power
Ability to surrender and let go.
Inner wisdom
Strengthening emotional bonds
Self expression
Peace and Serenity
Enhanced Channeling

- Element - Water
- Chakra - Throat and Heart and Crown (especially for women)
- Gods - Sophia Goddess of Wisdom, Lady Nada, Mut, Aphrodite, Artemis, Archangel Mary, Isis

𓋹This is a sponge like crystal in its energy so it’s important to cleanse regularly.

𓋹Chrysocolla is a fragile stone and must be treated with care. 2-4 on Moh’s hardness scale.