Bracken Fern Ring

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⋒ Pteridium esculentum   Bracken Fern 

This is a perennial fern with stiff fronds, reaching 1 to 1.5m in height. Often found in dense colonies more often in moist areas but still can be found in drier, full sun locations. Located throughout Australia (other than extremely dry inland eg- NT)but reaches to New Zealand and Pacific Islands. The fronds are narrow in segment and lobbed only at the base with recurved margins, they divide several times into tough segments that are smooth and glossy on top and paler on the underside. It’s stalks are covered by many tubercles giving it a red/brown colour. Sori is continuous underneath the margins and is protected by an indusium. The rhizome is extensively long-creeping and covered by dark brown/reddish hairs.


Medicinal -

The juice from the young fronds can be used to sooth the itchiness of tick (after removal) and other insect bites.

Tea made from this plant is also reported to have been used for rheumatism.

The rhizomes also were a staple for Indigenous Australians, the Quaker preacher James Backhouse noted he saw the Indigenous in Tasmania “roast the roots in ashes, peel back the blackened skin with their teeth and eat it”


Properties -






Ancient Wisdom



Planetary Connectedness


Handmade by us The Witch and The Shaman, on the East Coast of Australia. Each design we create is crafted with love and set with an intention best suited to the individual piece. 

This Pteridium esculentum has been hand picked, and then transformed through casting to solid recycled 925 sterling silver, then finally have worked it into wearable natural art.





*Please be careful with this design, if you find that you’re rough on your jewellery this may not be the ring for you.