Mulla Mulla Pendant

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Ptilotus exaltatus - Pink Mulla Mulla

Made from 925 recycled sterling silver, bio resin and native australian wildflowers. 

We use a bio resin originally designed for surfboards, to encase Pink Mulla Mulla flowers that we have hand pressed and dried. After encasing the flowers we put them in a sterling silver setting. 


Properties -

Brings a balance to the connection of the heart and base chakras. Ideal for those with deep spiritual wounds, a fear of being hurt causing them to keep people at a distance, guarded emotionally, fear of trusting others in order to protect self, solitude due to inability to move past injustices or traumatic events.

Bright Pink mini variety -

Invokes a deep love and passion for Mother Nature and caring for children. A more intense and empowering energy then its larger sister variety.


All handmade with love by us the Witch & Shaman in Darkwood NSW Australia.